Monday, November 2, 2009

Parshas Lech Lechah Show

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  1. I have a fundamental "sheilah" as a jew, politically, should we vote permissively, or restrictively.. hear me out please before you answer.
    Lat's take for example "abortion". Surely as a person, I should be against it. As a doctor, I would not do it. But, as a politician, do I have the "right" to impose MY religion, and my beliefs upon the constituents.
    On the downside, when other matters are debated, e.g. mila, metzitza, shechita, etc. by imposing my beliefs, can I blame and call it anti semitic when PETA et el crusade their beleifs upon us.
    On the upside, ein loni lehoshia ala al Avinu shebashumayim.
    I hope that the Rabbi will take the time to answer without bringing the thoughts og the Kashauer, Debreciner, etc. but use the 4 chelkai shilchan aruch, interspersed with the 5th one.