Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The unspoken legacy of Rabbi Sheror; Modern Gay Charedi Helonism

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Parshas Vayishlach 5770
In the publicity of Rabbi Sheror Z"l people leave out his faliure to properly assess and fight the homosexual agenda. This has resulted in continueing to honor, vote for and flatter low life politicians like Bloomberg and Corizine who support same gender marriage. This results in the situation of modern day Charedi Hellenism/Misyavenim.


  1. Dear Rabbi Levin,
    Recently your podcasts seems to be available only as video not audio. I think 2 weeks ago the audio didn't work and the recent one is only video.
    Perhaps you could check this as I look forward to heaing the podcast while I am commuting to work and so one.

  2. Dear frum Jew, the last podcast is available in in both audio and video. Check "formats available under the post.

    Rabbi Levin's Web Team