Friday, July 22, 2011

Tragic Murder of Leiby Keletsky ?-part 2, Rabbi Levin answers his detractors

in a 1 hour video ,which includes a 6 minute excerpt [audio] from his mentor rav avigdor miller ztl, rabbi levin amplify s on & buttresses his theory of a possible cause for the akeida of the holy innocent korbon leiby keletsky ztl. levin lists an impressive list of gedolei yisroel from whom he garnered hashkafah as well as verbal & written guidance & approbations specificly on the subject of the sodom/amalek agenda. levin issues an open challenge for an acknowledged godol to put in writing that his specific theory is wrong & the daas torah behind the lack of criticism & protest against orthodox & nonorthodox politicians who poison our cultural wellsprings. rabbi levin urges jews to join the july 24 gentile protest against same gender marriageoutside gov. coumo's office @3rd ave and40st..
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  1. Rabbi Levin,

    I am admire your zealousness in trying to prevent toieva and abortion on demand that has corrupted our society and has caused Jews, unfortunately Orthodox Jews to just turn the other cheek. I was very disappointed when organizations like Agudas Isroel and the Orthodox Union even after the toeiva ruling passed still honor so-called Orthodox Jews like Weprin and Silver at their functions. What hypocrisy!

    However, I have to question your conclusions on why Leiby was murdered. We will never know why Hashem decided to take away an innocent neshama from our midst, and in such a cruel manner. Now could it be that he was killed as a korban because of an impending decree against us, C"v? Maybe. We will know only when Moshiach comes. And to imply that he was killed because of our sins, is similar to saying that the Holocaust occurred because of the sins of that dor as you have stated in your video.

    The Lubavitcher Rebbe, z'tl, stated and I quote from an article by R. Yanki Tauber: "In his writings and discussions on the subject, the Rebbe rejected all theological explanations for the Holocaust. What greater conceit -- the Rebbe would say -- and what greater heartlessness, can there be than to give a "reason" for the death and torture of millions of innocent men, women and children? Can we presume to assume that an explanation small enough to fit inside the finite bounds of human reason can explain a horror of such magnitude? We can only concede that there are things that lie beyond the finite ken of the human mind. Echoing his father-in-law, the Rebbe would say: It is not my task to justify G-d on this. Only G-d Himself can answer for what He allowed to happen. And the only answer we will accept, said the Rebbe, is the immediate and complete Redemption that will forever banish evil from the face of the earth and bring to light the intrinsic goodness and perfection of G-d's creation."

    Having stated the above, regarding Lieby's death, I know that what Hashem does not want is for us to go on with our lives and not try to work on ourselves to become better Jews. So, what I have learned from this horrible episode is to increase in learning Torah and doing mitzvos, and to increase in Ahavas Yisroel.

    May G-d continue to give you chizuk to fight for Bnai Ysroel and to fight the tznus that is destroying this country and infecting our holy communities.

    Have a wonderful Shabbos!

    Michal Goldenberg

  2. The Satmer Rebbe blamed the holocaust on Zionism. How did Pat Buchanan explain his denial that the Holocaust ever happened while you were on his staff, Yehuda?

  3. Hello. I am concerned on the distinction between the considerations of biological and mental homosexuality. I was born, biological, a male. However, I've felt my entire life an overwhelming sense, as a mental state, of being female. Now I'm not questioning the morality of this, as I'm sure it is equally Evil as the act of homosexuality, but as it does not directly apply to the construct of sexuality, rather gender, I do not feel it is of significance in this context. However, as I've already laid out, the question of sexuality is. Personally, my orientation tells me to be with a woman. Now, if I act upon how I feel about my gender, that I am a woman mentally, am I, as you would see it, a homosexual. Or, as a biological male, irrespective of how I feel, act, live, I am proscribed to be with a woman as no other act would provide potential of childbirth. Even if I live my life as a woman, in all the Evil invoked, would being with a woman not still be an act not viewed as "homosexual terrorism"?

    Please do not read this as the idle rantings of an internet denizen. I am truly curious as to your interpretation of my scenario. If you would prefer to respond privately I would be able to privately provide my email, but I do not wish to post such information publicly in a place which, I'm sure you know, harbors many less-than-productive sentiments.

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