Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Councilman Greenfield Voted to Increase the Dismembering of Preborn Babies [abortion]& None of Us Said a Word!

The recent news that NYC is continuing to try to close down the crisis pregnancy centers which save preborn babies from horrific dismemberment and death reminds us of the terrible pro abortion vote of david greenfield. Does our lack of protest against our very own city councilmanic 'representative' greenfield make us in some way spiritually complicit in the dismemberment he voted for in 'our name'. Here are the facts: Here is the pro life champion i've known for over 20 years. chris slattery & his helpers have saved an amazing 42000 preborn babies in the last 26 years. this is whom orthodox nyc councilman david greenfield voted against a few months ago. No one in our community held greenfield accountable for his anti G_D, anti TORAH ,anti HALACHA vote. The representative of the ultra orthodox district blithely voted with the pro abortion radicals and no one not even agudath israel said a word to him about it. not before the vote & not after it. a deafening anti TORAH ,anti life anti decency silence. do you think G_D ALM_GHTY is happy with the traitor to our heritage city councilman pro innocent pre -born baby killing david greenfield ,or our deafening silence? I don't think so. shame on greenfield, shame on agudath israel ; and yes - SHAME ON ALL OF US!

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