Sunday, August 7, 2011

Scandals of Hatzaloh, Mishpacha Magazine & Hamodia With the communitty & various leaders focusing on causes of the terrible murders that have shaken the orthodox community, Rabbi yehuda levin utilizes the very words of Mishpacha magazine's editor Rabbi Moshe Grylak to introduce a closer look at how Mishpacha & Hamodia may be appropriate examples of in Grylak's words :" we are all murderers to one extent or another". How? Mishpacha promoted& basically endorsed pro same gender marriage Mayor Bloomberg in his last election. Hamodia has still not declared Orthodox reprobate /Congressional candidate David Weprin persona non grata even after his pro deviant marriage vote & his recent march in the Sodomy parade.


  1. Reb Yehuda is the strongest voice coming out to all channels in regards to the despicable mishkav zochor (same s. Marriage) "law". If anyone thinks and says WHAT DOES THS HAVE TO DO WITH ME? Makes a big mistake, because if znus is happening in your city, then it makes an influence ON you. If one is making bitul tora in Radin another one make chilul shabbos in Paris... The energy it creates and the ripple effect is bad. And when Hashem punishes for this it takes along the innocent ones too. The big Tsunami that happened a few years ago was in a place where child sex and all chazerei goes on.

  2. Rabbi, I miss you. Are you on vacation or is the world so perfect now that there is nothing to say?