Thursday, December 15, 2011

Shame on Ohel!

Rabbi Yehuda Levin describes how an Orthodox Jewish father was evicted from his house and was also the target of an order of protection. All this less than 2 hours before Shabbos. And all this with the active encouragement of the Ohel caseworkers. Levin promised more exposes of Ohel's betrayels.


  1. To your credit, being that you are not intimidated by the truth, why did you not give more details and names. By this time everyone who is anyone knows that Ohel=Agudah=Charles Hynes. They all sleep together in one big bed called Ohel Tzedek. Is there ANYONE in the Brooklyn community that has the guts to stand up to these blatant child molesters and cover-ups? Anyone?

  2. That should be Kol Tzedek, above.