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Behar Bechukoisai 2

Sh'vuos Torah 5772

Choson Kallah

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Congratulations to Agudath Israel for Scoring Lew Fiddler & Defending David Storbin

Rabbbi Yehuda Levin congratulates Agudath Israel & their lay leaders Rabbi Gedalya Weinberg & Rabbi Shmuel Lefkowitz for defending NYS Senate candidate David Storbin who was attacked by ulta - liberal pro deviance Democrat Lew Fiddler. Levin called upon Yeshiva World News to explain why they are continuing to cover Fiddler's outrageous besmirchment ;even hours after the Agudah / Storbin press conference. In the interest of full disclosure Levin called upon Yehuda Eckstien ,editor of the site as well as Mr Fiddler to reveal if Fiddler or any associate has remunerated Eckstien in any fashion. If so, how much? Cash , check or credit card? An interesting letter to the editor Larry Gordon of the 5 TownsJewish Times criticizing the highly inappropriate /intimate pictures appearing in many of the photographer advertisements. Finally the sycophantic radio & frum web coverage of ultra socially liberal politician Brad Lander's visit to Lakewood is also nauseating.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Agudah Convention Head Donates $ to Pro Shmutz Agenda Candidate Lew Fiddler

Rabbi Levin addresses Chatzkel Bennet's financial support of pro shmutz Lew Fiddler;Rabbi Aryeh Ralbag's endorsement of Fiddler :as well as other rabbis who are mechalel Hashem by naively supporting Fiddler & other Democrats without inquiring regarding their position on the family values issues.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Apology & elaboration to R" Chatzkel Bennet / Shout Out to Lakewood & Agudah

While Rabbi Levin apologizes to Chatzkel Bennet for reporting that he officially supports Lew Fiddler's Senate run; Levin explains that its wrong to give any advice whatsoever to Fiddler or any pro shmutz politician because they then think : 'wink wink" hey its really business as usual. Its not. Also did Aguda ,who gets kudos for stopping a pro hashchasa chilul Hashem by the Chicago Rabbinical Council' ,ask the Moetzes if their man Leon Goldenberg can endorse or support Fiddler?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Tamar Friedman no GET part 2 - David Greenfield & Agudah Trustee Chatskel Bennet Betray Torah Values

Councilman Lew Fiddler a strong supporter of the homosexual agenda is running in the March 20 special election for State Senator Kruger's seat. GREENFIELD & AGUDAH'S BENNET . are supporting Fiddler& opposing David Strobin who opposes all of the homosexual agenda.A great betrayal of Torah Values , the Orthodox community & a CHILL HASHEM!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Why Tamar Friedman nee Epstien Hasn't Received A Get

Rabbi Levin describes how Mrs Friedman absconded with her baby, received immediate strong support to "run out the clock" staying in Philadelphia , demonstrating what the secular court itself referred to as "spite " against the husband /father to the detriment of the child. If you were in the situation where your wife clearly demonstrates from the get go that she is going to marginalize your relationship with your child & the rabbis dont help you at all ,but [you feel ]they only help the side with the $ ,would you just roll over ,surrender your fatherhood & give the Get?