Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Why Tamar Friedman nee Epstien Hasn't Received A Get

Rabbi Levin describes how Mrs Friedman absconded with her baby, received immediate strong support to "run out the clock" staying in Philadelphia , demonstrating what the secular court itself referred to as "spite " against the husband /father to the detriment of the child. If you were in the situation where your wife clearly demonstrates from the get go that she is going to marginalize your relationship with your child & the rabbis dont help you at all ,but [you feel ]they only help the side with the $ ,would you just roll over ,surrender your fatherhood & give the Get?


  1. Rabbi Levin... Surely you must know that there are 2 sides to every story, and while it is very possible that what your saying is correct regarding the epstein case, what if it is not? You want to talk about a Daas Torah. Tamar has a massive Daas Torah on her side (In addition to the gemara gittin 90a). It is possible that she is right also, it is time for Aharon to give her a get. what he is doing is flat out assur, mefurash in rishonim as well. And you say that rabbi belsky is flip flopping? Thats not true. He looked at the metzius at one point, and made a decision. the metzius of the case changed, and Rav Belsky shlita changed his mind. That is not flip flopping. Aharon is alone with his family, he is a shameful person and will continued to be shamed until he does the right thing.

  2. why is this becoming a public debate, where every tom dick an harry becomes a rov and a posek.!!!!!!!!