Thursday, February 2, 2012

Congratulations to Agudath Israel for Scoring Lew Fiddler & Defending David Storbin

Rabbbi Yehuda Levin congratulates Agudath Israel & their lay leaders Rabbi Gedalya Weinberg & Rabbi Shmuel Lefkowitz for defending NYS Senate candidate David Storbin who was attacked by ulta - liberal pro deviance Democrat Lew Fiddler. Levin called upon Yeshiva World News to explain why they are continuing to cover Fiddler's outrageous besmirchment ;even hours after the Agudah / Storbin press conference. In the interest of full disclosure Levin called upon Yehuda Eckstien ,editor of the site as well as Mr Fiddler to reveal if Fiddler or any associate has remunerated Eckstien in any fashion. If so, how much? Cash , check or credit card? An interesting letter to the editor Larry Gordon of the 5 TownsJewish Times criticizing the highly inappropriate /intimate pictures appearing in many of the photographer advertisements. Finally the sycophantic radio & frum web coverage of ultra socially liberal politician Brad Lander's visit to Lakewood is also nauseating.

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